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About me

Welcome on my website.  Photography is my hobby.  I rarely go out without my camera.  I always see something I would catch on the sensor, whether such a ship, a train or a flower.  I also like aviation.  Regularly I take my camera for a day spotting on one of the airfields in Europe.
In the spring of 2004 I started with digital photography.  My first digital camera was a Fuji Finepix S7000.  
For several years I used this camera with pleasure.  Since the summer of 2007 I am using Nikon DSLR cameras.  
For a better use of the camera, to improve composition and exposure, in the spring of 2011 I did
the "Basic Photography" - course by Frank van Beloois, a fellow amateur photographer.

For a long time I was thinking of doing something with my photos.  The digital age has already given a considerable amount of material.  A website is the opportunity to show what passed the lens.  The website is designed and made by a professional website builder.  The text and photos is my job to do.  I start with that in the summer of 2011.  
An enormous lot of work.  I am well aware that the quality of my pictures is far from perfect.  
That has my attraction.  Do you have an idea, correction or question: Please send an e-mail to info@janvanheteren.nl